What People Want (Infographic)

As marketers we must always be tuned into what people want in order to serve the market better and tailor our products and marketing accordingly.

Here’s exactly what everyone wants:
what people want - Infographic

24 Responses to “What People Want (Infographic)”

  • Marian Benson

    Thanks for creating and sharing this awesome infographic Alex!!

    I will print it out and put it right next to my computer screen :)

  • This looks very similar to ‘Maslow’s Pyramid’ (aka Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

    It looks much better, though… eye-candy, heh?.. :)
    Excellent share, Alex!

    One mention – usually, people are driven more by fear than needs/wants. Good tip for copywriters of all flavours: push the fear (of loss) buttons, before pushing the greed ones :)

    • Alex Safie

      Thanks Steve,

      This infographic is based on information extracted from the book “How To Write A Good Ad” by Victor Schwab

  • Matina

    So much is true.

    Thanks for posting it Alex !

  • Thanks for sharing this and more importantly your guidance and insights regarding internet marketing to help us achieve what we want!

  • Hi Alex – another great piece of informative “eye-candy” – thank you…it says it all very succinctly.

    I have to agree with Steve emailsmith though about the fear of loss being a prime driver of people – Probably more so today than at any other time in history. I think perhaps that I would have placed that one ‘front-and-center’.

    • Alex Safie

      Hi Jan,

      Yes – fear of loss is a very powerful motivator.

      The idea behind this infographic is to illustrate the whole range of human needs

  • Tony

    Is Prestige not in the wrong column?

    • Alex Safie

      Hi Tony

      What it means is that people don’t want to loose their prestige

  • Great stuff as always. You are in my Top 10 of “In the Know” when it comes to IM! Thanks

    • Alex Safie

      Thanks Nathan

  • Great list Alex! I find they want to be lazy and get things done with less effort and avoid hassle whenever they can too.

    • Alex Safie

      That’s soooo true

  • Seann Valen

    Thanks Alex! Very nice. What program did you use to create this infographic?

    • Alex Safie

      Thank you Seann,

      The guys at SEO Spin created it for me.

      I just gave them the information and they did the rest.

  • Hey Alex,

    This is a very nice infographic, and I really like how you break down the motivators that we all have in us.

    Once we are able to break down some of these common motivators and create a true solution and helps contribute to motivation. You might have something really good.

    Thanks for share with,


    P.S. And thank for sharing where you purchased this too that helps.

    • Alex Safie

      You’re welcome Eric

  • Hi Alex,

    I love the Infographic. I too am printing it out so I can put it up on the wall behind my monitor.

    I think it just about covers all on our wants and needs.

    BTW, I am still loving SKCA.

    Thanks again for great info.

    Herschel Lawhorn

    • Alex Safie

      You are welcome Herschel

      Happy to hear that you liked it

  • George Westwyk


    Great list and well presented but people also have spiritual/religious needs, which you’ve omitted. I think Maslow forgot that one too. You do know that Amazon also sell bibles, crucifixes and the Koran, don’t you? They even have The Communist Manifesto for the seriously delusional.

    • Alex Safie

      Hi George,

      Yes you are right – one of the basic human needs is “spiritual/religious/belonging” but this infographic is more on the commercial side not the human.

  • natas

    Hi Alex,

    The first time I came to your blog., I have ideas and new approaches from your blog. what everyone wants, thanks again.

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